Red Bank’s Best Pizza Comes From Our High-Tech Castelli Oven

We love pizza and we wanted to give all food lovers a pizza experience they couldn’t find anywhere else in NJ. New recipes and new types of specialty pies are important, but one of the things that really sparked an idea for us was the pizza-making process itself. We knew that the only way to make pizzas on the highest level possible was to start with some old-world know-how from the birthplace of pizza itself. Sally Boy’s needed a Castelli oven.

Creating the Most Delicious Pizza

Why Castelli Craftsmanship is Key

Castelli Forni, the artisan company that builds our high-performance ovens, is based in Rome, Italy and has a long history of crafting electric ovens specifically for Roman-style pizza. Now all of Rome’s most notable pizzerias choose Castelli ovens, and the reason why is evident from the results.


Castelli’s ovens are handmade to handle rich, high-hydration dough – the kind we at Sally Boy’s use in our 16” neighborhood-style pies and Sicilian pizzas. Cooking with Castelli means a crisp and even bake, producing a fluffy crust that’s as hearty and high-quality as fresh bread from a traditional Italian bakery. Combine that with our range of topping options – from the Italian-American classics to fun, unique tastes you’ve just got to try – and you have a recipe for absolutely spectacular pizza!

Visit Sally Boy’s in Red Bank and Taste the Difference

Let’s paint a picture for you: Gooey, melted house-blended cheese. House-made sauce so flavorful even Zio or Nonna would approve. Gourmet toppings. Quality imported Italian ingredients. And oh yeah, that one-of-a-kind crispy yet chewy crust that our Castelli oven makes possible.

Hungry yet? We bet you are – place an online order to get a taste right away, view our full menu of mouthwatering handcrafted pizzas and so much more, or visit us in person. We know you’ll walk away with a new craving!

The Sally Boy’s brand (named after Sal’s childhood nickname) is Sal’s vision come to life. Our purpose goes far beyond bringing yet another pizza joint to New Jersey (although in Jersey, there can never be enough). Sal’s vision was to create a “Marketplace” of prepared foods that is considered the best of the best.

The finest pizza fired in a handpicked oven delivered directly from Italy. A grab-and-go menu that is fresh and unique each day. Gourmet coffee and the freshest baked goods made on-premises. Italian specialties that you’ll talk about for days. And of course, Sal’s famous, one-of-a-kind Breakfast Pizza, that you have to see and taste to believe.

Sally Boy’s will be starting out in Red Bank, NJ, and then opening up across the country. Our customers everywhere will also soon be able to order Sally Boy’s specialties – including that Breakfast Pizza – to be shipped anywhere within the US through the upcoming Sally Boy’s Marketplace.

grab a delicious slice fresh out of the Castelli Oven.

If you can’t feed thousands, feed one.

Mother Teresa

Sally Boy’s founders have deep rooted philanthropic backgrounds and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for those in need. Every Sally Boy’s location has a mandate to do good for others. We donate to area food banks and shelters, and you can help us in our efforts to feed local people who are undergoing hunger. Just visit any Sally Boy’s location, find the wall with the Mother Teresa quote, and scan the QR code. By scanning, you can instantly donate a Sally Boy’s meal to the hungry.

You make the donation, we make the food, and together, we make the world a better place.