Sometimes, especially on really good or really bad days, you just need some comfort food. And nobody knows comfort food quite like Sally Boy’s. Having grown up in a family where cooking is everything, our chef at Sally Boy’s had his fair share of traditional Italian-American pasta dishes… in fact, in his time as a professional chef, he’s been able to perfect some of them.

We think you’ll agree that pasta and meatballs can’t get any better than they are at Sally Boy’s. Order some for pickup or delivery right now or get any of our other amazingly tasty entrees, appetizers, and sides, and keep reading while you wait to see how we make this world-class recipe!

Getting the Classics Right

Pasta and meatballs may have Italian roots, but really, it’s one of the quintessential American dishes. It’s simple, wholesome, brings up childhood memories for many of us, and you certainly don’t have to be Italian-American to appreciate that. What we’ve done with our pasta and meatballs entree is use all the right ingredients while staying true to the spirit of an iconic dish.


The Ultimate Pasta & Meatballs

We start with your choice of authentic Italian spaghetti or penne, cooked just right for the best possible texture. The pasta base has to be robust enough to stand up to what comes next: Sally Boy’s housemade tomato sauce, made with imported Italian ingredients for old-world authenticity combined with farm-fresh New Jersey produce for a bold taste of the Garden State. Finally, add the gorgeously formed meatballs – tender but still rich and savory – and you have a complete, flawless rendition of one of the world’s most famous pasta dishes.

All our pastas are great for sharing with friends and family at your next celebration: We offer event hosting in our upstairs dining room for 10 to 20 guests as well as off-site catering throughout NJ, so get in touch with us if you want to bring the taste of Sally Boy’s to your party.

Experience Amazing Food with Family & Friends at Our Italian Restaurant in Red Bank

At Sally Boy’s, great meals and togetherness go hand in hand, and we’d love to have you and the people you love stop by and find some new favorite meals. Check out our menu for dine-in and takeout orders, place an order now for pickup or delivery throughout the Red Bank area, or see more information on catering and events with us.