"I can't believe it's just so round! It's, like, out there!"
- As Spoken to Becky

The Sally Boy's Slice

You’ve never had a slice of pizza quite like the Sally Boy’s Slice. You have to see it, taste it, and experience it for yourself.

redefining the slice

No one wants just a sliver of pizza!
No one wants one-eighth of deliciousness!
You work hard, you’re a reasonably good person, and you deserve your fair share of sauce, cheese, and toppings. That means you deserve a Sally Boy’s Slice!

It’s boxed, not bagged. It’s round, not a triangle. It’s everything a slice should be. You’ll never look at a slice the same way again. Come experience a hot, delicious, ROUND slice. Discover the Sally Boy’s Slice for yourself.

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