Sally Boy’s is driven by a love for Italian cuisine. That’s why we source our carefully chosen pizza ingredients from Italy and even use an artisan Castelli oven straight out of Rome. But it takes more than just rich, delicious mozzarella or fresh and flavorful sauce to make a truly great pizza.

Sally Boy’s combines the culinary heritage that’s been passed down in his family through generations with new ideas that dare to ask: Can perfection be improved upon? Can the iconic pizza slice itself be made better? We think it can, by rethinking what the eating experience can and should be. Here’s everything you need to know about the best slice of pizza in Red Bank — the Sally Boy’s Slice™.

More Than Just a Sliver of Pizza

A traditional slice of pizza simply fails to capture the essence of the pie — it’s merely one small part of something that could be much greater. A little triangle of crust, sauce, and cheese just isn’t enough to truly fulfill a pizza craving.

We recognize that. We hear what pizza lovers are saying. And with our extensive knowledge of pizza-making, he created a slice that’s anything but “just” a slice. The Sally Boy’s Slice™ is an 8-inch, round, foldable piece of heaven.

Our circular slice doesn’t just give you more pizza than the traditional shape. Crust all the way around means it’s sturdier, crispier, and holds your favorite toppings way better. Fold a Sally Boy’s Slice™ in half and you’ll be able to take a massive, crunchy bite packed with melty cheese, impeccable house-made sauce, and all the gourmet toppings you ordered. Best of all, every single one is made fresh to order. It’s a full-pie experience condensed into a convenient handheld disc of delectability, all for you.

So, Is It a Slice, or a Small Pie?

Our superior slice has, in fact, generated a little controversy among Sally Boy’s fans. Some of them are adamant that its portability, its ability to be folded for an ideal bite, and the fact that you don’t have to share make it a slice. Others insist that its roundness (the shape that pizza should be) and serving size mean that the Sally Boy’s slice is clearly a personal pie.

One thing is not up for debate, though: The Sally Boy’s Slice™ is unbelievably delicious.

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Visit Sally Boy’s Pizza in Red Bank, NJ

You’ve heard the buzz. Now try the world’s greatest slice yourself — order a Sally Boy’s Slice™ today. We deliver in a wide radius around the Red Bank area, and if you need to tame your pizza craving when it’s dark out, our street-access late-night window is open until midnight on Thursdays and 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Plus, Sally Boy’s makes every party better — we cater and can bring everything you love about our menu anywhere in NJ!

It’s not just the Sally Boy’s Slice™ that makes us famous. We serve up traditional pizzas with both the tried-and-true toppings and some more adventurous ones, classic Italian-American entrees, delicious sub sandwiches, wings, calzones, rolls, and so much more. And our upbeat atmosphere makes us perfect for takeout lunch, family dinner, and late-night cravings, as well as hosting your next event — come see us where Broad Street begins in Red Bank today!