Since Sally Boy’s was founded by world-famous pizza chef Sal Basile, we’ve taken Italian-American classics to the next level, so that our customers can find new ways to love their faves. Take chicken parmigiana – a comfort food staple, with tender and crispy pan-fried chicken, rich tomato sauce, and gooey cheese. What could possibly make that experience better? How about Sally Boy’s house-made vodka sauce?

If you’re already craving something fresh and delicious from Sally Boy’s, check out our menu or place a pickup or delivery order for anywhere in the Red Bank area now. Or keep reading to see what’s in store for your taste buds!

The Perfect Plate

If you want to innovate, you have to get the basics right first. Our chicken vodka parmigiana certainly delivers on those. The Sally Boy’s recipe means every chicken cutlet we use is perfectly coated with Italian breadcrumbs and fried just right for the correct balance of crunch and juiciness. Sal’s vodka sauce is creamy and hearty without losing the brightness of the tomatoes. And as true Italians should, we use only the finest mozzarella cheese. You only need one bite to know that it’s just right.

A Visual Feast

World-class chefs like Sal know that eating is a multisensory experience, and your first taste of every meal is really taken with your eyes. Looking at Sally Boy’s chicken vodka parmigiana, every detail is mouthwatering, from the perfect golden-brown crust to the rich sheen of the house-made vodka sauce to the bubbling of the molten mozzarella… it’s like a Renaissance painting you can eat.


Wholesome and Comforting

Eating also has a lot to do with memories – and Sally Boy’s chicken vodka parmigiana should call up warm recollections of family dinners and dining out with cherished friends. Using both imported and local ingredients paired with techniques that have been passed down in Sal’s family for generations, we’ve combined new sensations and the unbeatable comfort of savoring a true classic dish all into one. And if you’re planning an event that’ll make new memories for you and your favorite people to share, Sally Boy’s offers event hosting for parties of up to 20 in our iconic Red Bank location or off-site catering for parties of any size anywhere in the area.

An Unforgettable Experience at Our Italian Restaurant in NJ

All in all, our chicken vodka parmigiana is just one example among the dishes we make that’s more than just dinner – it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in flavor and share great times with the people you love. We can’t wait to have you try all of our incredible entrees, pizzas, appetizers, and more, whether it’s for dine-in, takeout, delivery, or catering.